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About Us

Partnership for Children & Families (PFCF) is the result of a merger between two local nonprofits who were dedicated to serving Lee County. On July 1, 2019, the Lee County Partnership for Children merged with the Coalition for Families to form a unified entity.

For over 20 years the Lee County Partnership for Children provided expertise, guidance, and infrastructure to ensure that children in Lee County receive the necessary care and nurturing to thrive. As one of the 75 local affiliates of the NC Partnership for Children, our initiatives were tailored to meet the specific needs of our community, focusing on early education, literacy, health, and family support. By investing in these areas, we equipped our children with the tools to succeed, lead fulfilling lives, and contribute to a strong, vibrant North Carolina.

Before the merger the Lee County Partnership for Children worked alongside the Coalition for Families in Lee County, supporting their mission of empowering individuals and families to realize their potential and improve their quality of life. Both boards shared a common belief in breaking the cycle of poverty through prevention, quality education, early literacy, kindergarten readiness, and the stabilization of the family unit. The sustainability of the Coalition's specific programs, including the reduction of infant mortality/morbidity, prevention of teenage pregnancy, as well as preventing teenage pregnancy and providing essential life skills aligned perfectly with our mission of family support within the Partnership.   

The merger allowed us to strengthen the sustainability of all program as well as broadened the scope our services enabling PFCF to have a more significant impact on the community by better benefiting those that we serve.

Major Funders

PFCF Major Funders

Mission Statement

Partnership for Children & Families believes that all children, youth and families

should thrive in safe. stable, and nurturing environments.

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Partner in the Smart Start Network

In 1993, The North Carolina Partnership for Children was created to lead Smart Start. Today, 75 partnerships use public and private funds to serve all 100 counties.


Each partnership is an independent, nonprofit organization. To understand how the county’s children are faring, local partnerships use independent data from state and federal sources to assess child-well being. This snapshot identifies in which areas the county’s children are doing well and in which areas attention is needed. Partnerships then use this information to bring together families, teachers, doctors, dentists, libraries, schools, and many others to better meet children’s needs. As a result, each partnership offers different Smart Start programs and services, depending on local needs.


Highest Designation: Blue Ribbon Affiliate

Parents as Teachers completed the Parents as Teachers National Center Quality Endorsement & Improvement Process, which earned us the Blue Ribbon Endorsement in November 2022. Being named a Blue Ribbon Affiliate affirms that we are among the highest quality members of the home visitation and parent education field, implementing the evidence-based Parents as Teachers model with fidelity and quality.

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Partnership for Children & Families is a United Way Community Partner

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