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POSTED 2/16/24

Lee County Schools CTE Summer Explorer Camp schedule now available!
For more detailed information visit:
CTE Summer Explorer Camp Schedule 2024.jpg
POSTED 2/15/24

NC Association of Agriculture Fairs Scholarship now available for youth who have volunteered at the Lee Regional Fair. The Lee Regional Fair can submit 2 scholarship applicants for the Association’s award…1 academic and 1 financial need.  Youth MUST of been volunteers at the Lee Regional Fair AND need to have pictures of proof. The pictures/volunteering can be from past years to 2023. 

Applications need to be returned to Susan Condlin by April 3, 2024. She will be available to receive applications at the Fairgrounds on April 3rd until 5:30pm.

Award Amount is at least $2,400 for a 4 year school or if attending the community college, $1,200.

Contact Susan Condlin (Media Coordinator)
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