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Resource Library

Membership to the Resource Library is ONLY for any Educator, Family Child Care Home or Child Care Center Licensed in Lee County. 

Membership will gain you access to these great resources:
– Laminating Services: 3 yards (10ft) per month free and .50 cent for each additional foot. (Drop off/scheduled pick up time required)
– Bulletin Board Paper: 5 feet free per month and .50 cents for each additional foot.
– Die-Cut Machine but you must supply your own paper (shapes, letters and numbers are available)
– Early Childhood Education Resource Books, Music CDs, Pamphlets and Videos.
– Parenting Materials
– Children’s Books
– Educational Toys for Infants/Toddlers, Preschoolers, and Kindergarteners
– Manipulatives
– Science & Math Materials
– Dramatic Play
– Sand and Water Props
– Art & Music
– Puzzles
– STEM Activities

Lending Library membership does not include copies (black/white or color)​.
May check out games, book and ect. for 2 weeks (renewable only if contact of staff member at CCR&R is made).
Please limit items to 4, unless staff approves it.
Those wishing to obtain membership must purchase from options below.
Dues are valid for 1 year; your original registration date will determine your renewal date.
The authorized member (including those who are named on the registration as users) who signs the agreement obligates themselves, whether they are a family child care home owner, center or agency, to be held accountable for following the guidelines of CCR&R policies and procedures.
​Individuals, providers and agencies will be held responsible for items not returned or damaged. 

Check In: 
Make sure your returned items have all pieces, are clean and in good repair.  If there is a problem with your checked out items, please call attention to the item with a staff member.  Normal wear and tear is expected. Wear and tear beyond normal circumstances that requires repair or replacement is the responsibility of the member. CCR&R staff has the final say in the definition and determination of “normal wear and tear”. Items may be returned early.  

Reference Materials:
The library will include some reference manuals that are not available for check out. These materials are available for use only in the library and workroom areas. 

Children are not allowed in the library, due to safety reasons. CCR&R staff / or agencies that are affiliated with or deemed as governing agency, will not take responsibility for any injuries occurring in the library or anywhere on the premises. CCR&R has the final say in all matters relating to the Child Care Resource Lending Library. 

​CCR&R is a program sponsored by grand funds from Smart Start, Lee County Partnership for Children and the generous contributors of the community.  We offer information and technical assistance for parents, childcare providers and community leaders  about child care issues.  Our service is open to all regardless of race, color, sex, age, disability, religion or national origin.

  • Center

    Every year
    Licensed in Lee County
  • Family Child Care Home

    Every year
    Licensed in Lee County
  • Educator

    Every year
    Educator in Lee County


Call: (919) 774-9496


Visit: 507 N Steele Street, Sanford

2nd Floor of the Mann Center

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