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The Happy Bottoms Bank Pick Up Dates

Updated: May 16

Are you in need of Diapers or Period Products?

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The Happy Bottoms Bank Pick Up Day is ONLY ONCE a month.

▪ Sign up for The Happy Bottoms Bank SMS alerts!

Just text the following --> @thehbb to 81010

▪ Alerts will be about the monthly pick up day... For example, if there is a change to the date or it is canceled.

▪ No need to register or bring documents.

▪ When you pick up, we will only need your full name, phone number and size(s) for diapers and/or period products.

▪ Kindly remain in your vehicle and follow the car line.

▪ When a vehicle moves forward, move to the next open spot if possible.

▪ This will facilitate faster order fulfillment.

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UPDATED 5/16/2024

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